150-200 Ip ZBD Planar Tunnel Diode MBD2037-C18




The Eclipse MBD series of Tunnel Diodes are fabricated on germanium substrates with passivated, planar construction and all gold metaliization for reliable operation up to +110°C. Unlike the standard tunnel diode varying degrees of sensitivity and video impedance. The back detector is generally operated with zero bias and is known for its excellent temperature stability and fast video rise times.


Rugged Germanium
Planar Construction Excellent Temperature Stability
No DC Bias Required
Wide Video Bandwidth


Ip min. µA min.: 150
Ip min. µA max.: 200
Cj max. pF: 0.30
Y Typ. mV/mW: 950
Rv Typ. Ω: 180
Ip/Iv min.: 2.5
Vf min. mV: 420
Vf max. mV: 135

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Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in