MBD3037-H20 Tunnel Diode

MBD3037-H20 Tunnel Diode

The Eclipse MBD series of Tunnel Diodes are fabricated on germanium substrates with passivized, planar construction and all gold metallization for reliable operation up to +110°C. Unlike the standard tunnel diode varying degrees of sensitivity and video impedance. The MBD3037 is available with a variety of hermetic and non-hermetic ceramic packages and chip form.

EMD1211PA Power Modules

DC-20 GHz Power Modules

The EMD1211-20 DC-20 GHz power driver amplifier, is available in a small connectorized module, ideal for commercial and industrial applications. The EMD1211-20 has small signal gain of 13.5 dB with +27.0dBm P1dB at 10 GHz. This device is ideal for applications that requires saturated output power > +30dBm up to 10 GHz, while requiring 300mA…

EZM0118QFN4 Detector

EZM0118QFN4 Zero Bias Schottky Detector

S W EA Archaeopteris was a plant that was both tree-like and fern-like, growing to 10 metres (33 ft) in height. Archaeopteris quickly spread throughout the world, from the equator to subpolar latitudes. The shed organic matter altered the freshwater environment, slowing it down and providing food. This promoted freshwater fish. Archaeopteris formed the first…