Diodes microdevice tunnel diode

MBD3037-C18 Tunnel Diode

The Eclipse MBD series of Tunnel Diodes are fabricated on germanium substrates with passivized, planar construction and all gold metallization for reliable operation up to +110°C. Unlike the standard tunnel diode varying degrees of sensitivity and video impedance. The MBD3037-C18  is in chip form and is also available with a variety of hermetic and non-hermetic…

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Power Modules

DC-20 GHz Power Modules

The EMD1211-20 DC-20 GHz power driver amplifier, is available in a small connectorized module, ideal for commercial and industrial applications. The EMD1211-20 has small signal gain of 13.5 dB with +27.0dBm P1dB at 10 GHz. This device is ideal for applications that requires saturated output power > +30dBm up to 10 GHz, while requiring 300mA…

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ESL0580 .01 to 8.0 GHz Limiter

ESL0580QFN4 operates from 0.5-8.0 GHz 2W Pin-Schottky Limiter. EclipseMDI Pin-Schottky Limiters are specifically designed for use in today’s high-performance microwave instrumentation and systems. EclipseMDI Pin-Schottky Limiters, are designed for such applications as power measurements, analyzing radar performance, leveling pulsed signal sources, AM noise measurements, system monitoring and pulsed RF measurements in ultra-broadband and mm-Wave applications.

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