The EMD1706 driver amplifier has a small signal gain of 15 dB with +22.0 dBm P1dB at 10 GHz. This device is ideal for applications that requires saturated output power of +23.0 dBm up to 10 GHz, while requiring only 130mA from a +8 volt supply.


  • Broadband Frequency Response
  • Low Cost QFN 4mm leadless RoHS package
  • +22 dBm P1dB @ 10 GHz
  • +23 Saturated Power @ 10 GHz

The EMD1706 driver amplifier is available in bare die form or packaged in an inexpensive, hermetically sealed plastic QFN 4mm package from stock to 21 days ARO. They are in stock available for immediate delivery.


For more information, please contact our sales dept..

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