Mr Rapadas has held several design engineering positions. From 1982-1987, Mr. Rapadas was a Components Design Engineer for Virtech Microwave, Eaton/Addington, AKON and ST Microwave. In 1987-1995, Mr Rapadas has held positions as a Product Manager at Innowave and later at ST Microwave. President and co-founded Device Technology with Dr. Sukhbir Virk in 1995 which later was sold to MICA Microwave in 1998. From 1998 – 2001, he held a position as Engineering Manager at Mica Microwave and Remec Magnum. Mr Rapadas also co-founded Meridian Microwave LLC with Dr. Jeffrey Peterson of Carnegie Mellon University to develop a prototype for the AMiBA Correlator System for ASIAA ( Academia Sinica Institure of Astronmy and Astrophysics) National Taiwan University.

Mr Rapadas holds a B.S.E.E from San Jose State University.