About Eclipse MDI

Eclipse MDI was founded in 2001 and is a privately held California corporation that began in the heart of Silicon Valley, specifically for the purpose of providing high quality and state-of the-art, diverse RF and microwave products. Our staff is well versed in design, manufacturing, marketing, sales, finance and quality assurance in both private and Fortune 500 companies. Our products originate from our many years of experience in telecommunications and relationships forged with other RF industry leading companies.

Our addressable markets include Automotive, Defense & Aerospace, Communications (Cellular, high speed data centers and other commercial communication industries.) and Connectivity.

Eclipse MDI’s long-term ambition is moving towards a fabless semiconductor model company, alleviating the risks and costs of manufacturing. The fabless model is an attractive and popular option for many semiconductor companies. By adopting a fabless business strategy, Eclipse MDI can focus time and resources on the design of innovative integrated circuits, while avoiding the high capital costs of building, operating, and upgrading a manufacturing facility.

From defense communications and radar to commercial applications, Eclipse MDI space/high-reliability and commercial products are mission critical to the complex operations of primary Satellite, Radar, Navigation, Communications, Electronic Warfare and Missile Systems Applications.

Eclipse MDI also specializes manufacturing integrated components. We encourage our customers to discuss with us their applications, special mechanical configuration, and/or unique electrical requirements. Our product lines are as follows:


Tunnel Diodes

Zero Bias and Pin diodes
Hermetic/ Non-Hermetic
Ceramic Packages are available.


Low Noise Amps

DC to 33 GHz
Noise Figures from 1.8dB


IC Detectors

No Bias Required
High Dynamic Range



0.5 to 8.0 GHz
2W Power Handling


Driver IC Amps

DC to 24 GHz
Psat to +28dBm


Power Modules

DC to 24 GHz
Pout to +30dBm

Our goal is to provide the highest quality products for the best value, on time and to the satisfaction of our customers. ECLIPSE MDI’s objective is to ensure continuous improvement of our product quality, and most of all customer satisfaction.

Our staff and worldwide sales representatives take pride in providing quality products with on-time delivery at competitive pricing.