2.0-4.0 GHz Octave Band Threshold Detector TH2040T1




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The Eclipse TH2040T1 threshold detector operates from 2.0 to 4.0 GHz. The TH2040T1 has 10 dB dynamic range, TTL logic output, temperature stability of 1.0 dB typical 3 dB above threshold setting.


  • 10 dB dynamic range: -20dBm to -10dBm
  • High reliability hermetically sealed package
  • Propagation delay: 10nS typical
  • Minimum pulse width: 50nS typical
  • Temperature stability: 1 dB typical, 3 dB above threshold setting
  • Threshold setting internally fixed or external voltage
  • DC power (no load): +/-5 VDC @100 mA maximum


  • Maximum input power: 100 mW
  • Operating temperature: -55C to +90C
  • Storage temperature: -65C to +125C
  • Specifications @ +25C

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TH0120T1 Threshold Detector

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